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Sport is one of the most important pastimes in the world. We like to do it because it is fun and healthy. We also watch sports in packed stadiums and sports halls or on television and the internet.  The outcome is sometimes surprising. Because of the media attention, football is almost always the topic of conversation number one among many men.

The History Of Football In Our Time: 18th Century And Later

In 1815, an important development took place that made general football (soccer) popular in universities, colleges and other schools in England. The popular English school ‘Eton College’ then published a number of general rules. These rules are known today as the Cambridge Rules. Football sport was divided into two groups. Some colleges and schools opted for the rugby rules of the game, which allowed tackling, shin-kicking and ball-grabbing, and some opted for the Cambridge Rules prohibiting all this.

Soccer game

The history of the modern football game began in 1863. In October 1863, 11 delegates from London sports clubs and schools gathered at the Freemason’s Tavern pub to discuss the rules of the game. They did this so that they could have more influence on the matches. The meeting led to the foundation of the Football Association, this is the KNVB of England. In December 1863, rugby and football finally officially became two different sports after the supporters who followed the Rugby School rules ran away.

  • In order to firmly anchor the foundation of football sport, the Football Association completely banned the use of hands while playing football in 1869. Then in the 19th century, the popularity of football rapidly increased. That increase was due, among other things, to British sailors, traders, and soldiers who introduced the sport to other parts of the world.
  • Italians, Austrians, and Germans introduced the game in Europe, while Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil announced the game in South America. FIFA was finally founded in 1904 and many competitions already took place in many countries in the early 1930s. Thanks to FIFA, the first World Cup was organized in Uruguay in 1930, and Uruguay itself became the very first world champion. Football, therefore, has a rich history with many different events and people all over the world are wildly enthusiastic about the game.

TV Programs

The TV programs largely determine the opinion. Just think of the many opinion-makers that football has. On television, you can watch the analysts who express their opinions here every week. Usually, the traditional top three is discussed in the UK. These clubs have by far the most supporters in the UK. In the UK, the football programs Studio International is especially popular. The last program will continue from the summer of 2015. These are the talk shows. When it comes to summaries, Studio Sport is the most popular program.

The evolution of the soccer ball - Active For Life


Football is not only reported live on the TV. Many football-related programs can also be heard on the radio. Radio is a particularly popular program. They beat the matches live. This also applies to the League, the Champions League, and the most important cup matches. Not only the national radio broadcasts match reports. What about the regional broadcasters. There are dozens of regional and local broadcasters that broadcast many tens of football matches every week. These are competitions at the professional level, but especially many competitions at the amateur level.


Of course, a lot is also written about football in the newspapers. The national newspapers in particular write a lot about football. They have a page or two with football news every day. The regional newspapers also pay a lot of attention to football.


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